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 "Pastoral Kfar Blum" - prestigious country style galilee hotel


Amidst mountain streams within a green oasis, Pastoral Hotel awaits you offering a unique experience.

A step away from the Jordan River, facing the Golan and Galilee mountains, there is one hotel which offers an entire unique experience.

This is the place where music emanates from the human soul and from the earth's core.

The Kfar Blum Kibbutz Hotel, member of Kibbutz Hotels Chain, is located on a valley sheltered by Mount Hermon, where the Jordan river flows.
Unrivaled pleasures await you here - all the pampering comforts of home and of a prestigious hotel, with the verdant tranquillity of a Galilee village.


  • 45 new boutique rooms 5 star rating.
  • 192 modern, designed rooms surrounded by lawns and flowers.
  • originally and uniquely designed spa.
  • The hotel restaurant has been redecorated and enlarged A new spacious lobby and a new stylish bar.
  • The hotel restaurant offers first rate culinary creations from international cuisine blended with authentic Galilee aroma. 


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