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Creating Unique Family Moments in Israel

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Your vacation is our goal

'Meira Goren – Boutique Family Travel', is a company specializing in the organization of hospitality and retreats for the religious population, from Israel and abroad. We are pioneers of the "active vacationing" idea, and have had over 25 years of activity organizing vacations and events, with the purpose of giving you a unique experience in Israel.
Throughout the year we offer a variety of vacations and holiday programs, for an event or a conference, which are tailored and adapted especially to your needs. Our goal is to create an l experience that is warm and pleasant, which integrates, values, tradition,  and familiarity with the best tourist sites in Israel.
Direct communication, while listening and complying as much as possible with our clients' needs, availability and service at all times, a warm and personal attitude, are all the foundations of our personal and business worldview.
During Passover – our flagship project, we lay out your requests with the goal of complying with as many of them as possible. You can choose whether to conduct the Seder with your family members in a private room, or join other families having family Seders at the hotel restaurant. During Passover you will be able to enjoy culinary offerings with the highest standards of Kashruts, from a quality current, versatile and rich menu, which includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free dishes customized to your preferences. An integral part of the Passover program in the north are the selection of tours you can take which include hiking routes, history and Zionism, all accompanied by English and Hebrew speaking professional guides. 
Our accompaniment from the moment you first think of the vacation, and up to the time you arrange your photos in an album, shall provide you with added value for your family vacation in the Holy Land of Israel.
We will be more than happy to go on this joint venture with you
Meira Goren and the Team

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