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Spa Hotel

A vacation at the Pastoral Hotel in Kfar Blum – A Rustic Atmosphere and Relaxation

One of the most beautiful and pampering hotels in the north with a unique combination of luxury and tranquility in a rustic Galilean ambience. Embracing us are manicured lawns blooming with a treasure-trove of seasonal colors and olive trees, the Upper Galilee Mountains and Mount Hermon. Within walking distance, discover the Jordan River promenade, which is decorated with grape vines and varied vegetation with the flowing Jordan River rushing at its feet. The hotel features an indulging spa center.


Under the supervision of Rabbi Tzfania Drori -  Glatt l’Mehadrin Rabbinate, Shruya (soaked matzah)/ legume-free.

The group’s mashgichim and rabbis will be pleased to answer any question.

Hotel Facilities


192 Beautifully designed rooms surrounded by lawns and flowers, including 6 handicapped accessible rooms.


Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and in the rooms, and an internet station in the lobb.


A library that offers an intimate space with books of prose and poetry.


'Pastoral Spa' – Quiet and relaxed with unique facilities and relaxation nooks.


An Olympic swimming pool and a kiddy pool.


The 'Kfar Blum Kayaks' and Beit Hillel within walking distance, that offers rafting/ kayaking, as well as it being the largest extreme attractions center in Israel.

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