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executive room
executive room

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel 3
Inbal Jerusalem Hotel 3


Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem – Experiencing unforgettable moments in the city of Jerusalem

Located in the heart of Jerusalem, you will find the leading top quality hotel in the capital, the Inbal Hotel.

The hotel is adjacent to cultural, heritage and history sites, and is located next to the old city, the Wailing Wall, Wraith Valley, and The Bell Garden (Gan Ha'paamon). The hotel's surroundings offer a blend of timeless elegance and familial atmosphere, past and future, history and innovation, old and new attractions, cultural centers and more. The Inbal Restaurant offers a respectable and rich Shabbat dinner, with a menu that includes classic main courses from the traditional Jewish cuisine, and ethnic dishes in new and current variations.

The Inbal Hotel offers a touch of history, an exceptional journey in the city of Jerusalem and a window into the Holy City so you can experience it to the fullest.

Hotel Facilities

Minimalistic, prestigious, innovative and precisely designed rooms and suites.


An exclusive business lounge offering a quiet working space complete with Wi-Fi Facilities.


Heated swimming pool, Olympic pool, toddler pool,  and a sun-deck.


A restaurant offering a contemporary Jerusalemite cuisine, lounge and bar.


Kiddy Club operated by a professional team and play room, workshops and various activities, and an electronic entertainment center.


Outstanding Style & Service


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