Sukkot for the Entire Family 

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What does the price include?

Prices are for Full Board during Chugim & Shabbat and Half Board during Chol Hamoed, some programs, lectures and excursions for the entire family.

The prices include an extremely high standard rich, varied, balanced menu; an active vacation for the entire family: excursions, classes, lectures and more...

In Carlton Tel Aviv the rates does not include activities.

The rates exclude tips.

Private halls and areas may be booked for a family Seder for an additional charge.

Kashrut: Glatt le' Mehadrin Rabbinate – shruya (soaked matzah)/ legume-free.

Carlton Tel Aviv: Rabbinate – shruya (soaked matzah)/ legume-free.

The group's mashgichim and rabbis will be pleased to answer any questions.

We are available to provide any answers to your satisfaction. 


Have a wonderful winter,

Meira Goren – Boutique Tourism. 

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