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Where are you spending the holidays?
Passover 2020 for the whole family in Israel

Join us for a magical family holiday in Israel's leading tourist sites,

during the most beautiful season of the year.

As in our long-standing tradition, we promise to continue to provide a personalized response at every stage and a close accompaniment from the moment you first plan your vacation until that time when you arrange the photos in the album.

Located next to the Golan Garden, surrounded by a magnificent view, wrapped in history, offering a variety of routes, activities and trips.


Offering a unique blend of culture and relaxation in a Galilean rural atmosphere, spectacular scenery, groomed lawns and the Jordan River Promonade.

green fields.jpg

A unique meeting grounds of nature, pastoral scenery and history, on the banks of the Dan, Hasbani and Banias streams, opposite a pastoral view of the Golan Heights and Hermon Mountains.


A 5 star boutique hotel located on the beach front of Tel Aviv, and combines a taste of the city that never sleeps with the holiday atmosphere and a proper Seder.


One of the best quality hotels in Jerusalem, located next to the old city, enabling you to experience the Holy City at its fullest.

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel 3.jpg
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