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Mount 'Bental' – Where history, scenery and nature meet.

Come enjoy one of Israel's most breathtaking observation points with a panoramic view, historic display and a beautiful route.

The mountain top which is 1,170 meters high will enable you to travel back in time and experience a piece of history, a magnificent observation of Israel and all the way to Syria, a spectacular route, and the opportunity to hang out at the 'Coffee Annan' coffee shop with its panoramic view. On the mountain, which is the result of a volcano eruption (now inactive), there are oak trees and basalt rocks that are characteristic to the Golan Heights region.

The ascent to the mountain which towers high above Kibbutz Marom Golan, is indicative of the enchanted summit and everything it offers. After driving through the bends you will arrive at a parking lot from which you will be able to continue on foot. Once you reach the summit you will realize that it was well worth the way. The panoramic view is overlooking several directions: to the north – the most impressive Mount Hermon, and sometimes at the beginning of spring, it is also still covered in snow. To the south – Mount Avital which includes a beautiful nature reserve and a mountain ridge with the 10 famous electricity producing turbines, a wonderful tourism site in itself.

The historic element is the bunker which was used in the past by the IDF soldiers guarding our country's borders. The bunker remained mostly intact, so you can tour in it and receive information about it (in English), from the automatic signs which depict the story of the State of Israel and the ordeal of the soldiers during the Yom Kippur War.

Seasoned hikers and whoever wants to continue enjoying the beautiful scenery, can keep on the hiking trail that has paths marked in white, blue and green. Along the trail, which is about 2 kilometers long, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking bloom as well as Mount Hermon which stands on the horizon.

Attractions near Mount Bental

The Avital Volcanic Park

This is a geo-volcanic site formed inside an old quarry. The park presents unique samples and true phenomena which began deep within the ground and erupted to the surface. Throughout the park there are aids to help you learn about the various geological phenomena, including means which simulates an active volcano.

The Wind Turbines

To the north of Alonei Habashan, on top of Mount Rezan and at a height of 1,072 meters, there are 10 enormous wind turbines (each at a height of about 30 meters) which produce electricity. Spending time next to the powerful turbines is a unique experience which integrates a magnificent view with a visit in an especially beautiful area.

The Hexagon Pool

Inside the Hexagon Stream Nature Reserve there is a large pool with many basalt columns around it shaped like hexagons. It is possible to reach the pool from the Hexagon Stream Nature Reserve parking lot, on a descending marked path, which takes about 20 minutes. To return you take the same path back up on an incline.

The Nimrod Fortress National Park – "Nimrod's slingshot' (Kala'at Nimrod)

The Nimrod Fortress is a relic from the middle ages located at the foot of Mount Hermon. In addition to the breathtaking view of the Golan Height scenery, the tourist site offers a historic account which includes: The Baibars Inscription – four lines engraved on a long stone which tells of the sultan Baibars who was responsible for building the fortress in 1275BC. In addition, it is recommended to tour the large water reservoir, other tall and unique towers which were used as watch towers and the mysterious passage.

The Ram Pond

The pond is in fact a large natural lake, probably formed by a volcanic eruption, which is surrounded by apple and cherry orchards. Today the pool serves as a water reservoir for the residents of the area. Around the pond there is a circular route which is marked in blue. Another route which goes straight begins with the Golan path and continues to Mount Odem.

During the spring time (May-June), you can go on an independent fruit picking of cherries, in one of the orchards surrounding the pond.

The Tel Dan Nature Reserve

To the north of the Hula Valley, you will find the nature reserve where the Dan Stream passes through and meets the Hermon Stream, which together form the Jordan River. Due to its proximity to Mount Hermon, the waters are relatively cold, and serve as a home to various water borne insects, fish and otters too.

The reserve is shaded thanks to the Eucalyptus and Oak tress which are planted everywhere.

A hike of the reserve reveals the remnants of an IDF post from the Six Day War, a flour mill and an ancient gate from the Canaan period that has three arches and an inscription which mentions the "House of David".

The Tal Grove National Park

Close to the Goshrim Kibbutz you will find the Tal Grove National Park, which is home to the Gall Oak trees, vast lawns and a magnificent orchid compound (with 13 kinds of orchid). During the spring time you can enjoy the water slides and the cook waters that originate from the Tal Stream which runs through the reserve.

The north offers beautiful tourist site which integrate tradition, Judaism, history and values. Travelling around the country during the time of Passover, is not just a trip but a valued agenda for the preservation of the Land of Israel.

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