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Seeing the North a little differently – Recommended bicycle trails for the whole family

In northern Israel you can find mount

ainous and planar routes, as well as trails which pass through valleys and streams, a fact which creates an abundance of bicycle trails in any level of difficulty that are also suitable for families.

Presented are a few routes suitable for a family ride, together with an added value of the bloom and growth of the spring season.

The Zippori National Park (The Zippori Stream Woods)

The region offers a variety of riding trails created by the Jewish National Fund, beginning with easy trails of less than 10km long and up to difficult trails of 100km. During the spring, the entire area is in bloom and the scenery is spectacular throughout the year. The riding trails pass through the forests surrounding the Zippori Stream which is located in the center. The majority of trees adorning the woods are Pine, Oak and Cypress.

The Alonim Woods

The route passes through the thick vegetation of the Alonim Woods, and is part of several biking trails that go through Alon Hagalil. The fact that it is a short trail (about 6km), which is shaded and surrounded by fields, makes it ideal for a family biking trail.

In addition to the Zippori and Alonim routes, you can also choose from more biking trails such as: The veteran track – Alon Hagalil, Shimshit, Hasolelim, Givat Ha'ela and the Rish route. All these routes and more, are a part of complex biking trails centered in Alon Hagalil. On location you will find a bicycle shop where it is possible to purchase, repair and rent bicycles and more. The "Pump Track" Park is also located nearby in the forest, and offers extreme activities for the whole family as well.

Switzerland Forest

This is a circular trail overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon, when visibility is really good. The route, which is 14km long, passes through an open terrain as well as in the forest itself, and sometimes calls for an encounter with gazelles. Those who wish to lengthen the route, can do so in one of several routes going either north or south.

Hanita Forest

The length of this route is about 16km long and offers many slopes, interesting turns and extreme cycling to those interested.

During the springtime you will be able to enjoy the widespread areas of different colored flowers, the shade from natural groves and the stunning view of the Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea. Those who wish to continue riding, can go onto the Matzuva route, which is 13km long, and from there to go on to the Kabri route as well.

Agmon Hahula

In addition to the cranes, the accessible and beautiful hiking trail and the visitors' center which enables you to familiarize yourselves with the area, the Agmon Hahula Nature Reserve offers biking trails as well. The length of the route is about 54km, and includes a spectacular view, an encounter with birds, and observation posts which are definitely worth the stop.

The Rom Hagilboa Route

Rom Hagilboa is an extreme route which offers a fun ride, accompanied by a breathtaking view of the Yizrael Valley and Beit She'an, and during the springtime, the amazing bloom of the Gilboa Iris. The biking trail will enable you to reach hidden corners and areas not often seen when travelling by car or by hiking. The long route (43km) is of medium difficulty and can be challenging, especially in the beginning of the route which includes quite a few rises. Those who prefer an easier trail which is mostly downhill, can start at the top of the Gilboa.

The Snir/Hasbani Stream

The Snir/Hasbani Stream is one of the most beautiful routes in the north of Israel, especially now, when the plentiful rainfall affects the strong flow of the stream. This is how the entire region gets ready for spring, bringing with it bloom and renewal.

The planar route can definitely suit a family ride, accompanied by an enchanting view, corn and wheat fields around it and the beautiful Snir Stream too. During the spring and the summer, you will also be able to bathe in the steam which is one of the origins of the Jordan River.

Marom Golan – 'For Them'

The route is located next to Kibbutz Marom Golan. It is a circular route of about 5km, which includes slopes and rises in a medium level of difficulty and passes through the Alonim Forest. In the springtime, the bloom is at its peak, which will enable you to enjoy the Cyclamen, Autumn Crocus, Poppy flowers and more.

The origin of the route's name 'For Them', comes from being a part of a project to commemorate the kibbutz members who fell in the defense of the region. It is also important to remember that some parts of the route are intended for hikes, a fact which should be taken into account. So, please ride with caution.

The northern part of Israel is abundant with biking trails for the whole family, and most of them are suitable all year round. The biking trails are at different difficulty levels and include spectacular sceneries and a special encounter with nature.

Nearby each of the hotels, in which you can stay during your Passover Holiday, there are family biking trails and even riders' meetings. An integral part of the Passover program up north is the offering of hikes which include nature, history and Zionism and are accompanied by English and Hebrew speaking professional guides.

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